Joint Technology Development Agreement Template

(b) who do not have shares or securities outstanding, as may be the case in the case of a partnership, joint venture or association without its own legal personality, but more than fifty per cent (50%) whose ownership shares, which constitute the right to make the decisions of such a partnership, joint venture, grouping or other entity, now or under the control of a contracting party, which constitutes the right to make the decisions of such a partnership, joint venture, grouping or other entity, are considered a subsidiary only at that time. whether there is such a property or control. 7.1 This agreement begins on the reference date and lasts five (5) years after that date (the “start period”) and automatically extends for a new one-year term, unless one of the contracting parties gives the other party its intention not to renew at least [-]] before the end of the initial period or the extension period. , in writing; provided that this agreement expires earlier when the first agreement is reached: (i) the reciprocal written agreement reached between the contracting parties to denounce this agreement; (ii) termination of this contract pursuant to Section 7.2. (b) Neither party is responsible for the other part of the deficiencies in all the information, know-how, technology, services, background technology, foreground and prototypes made available to the other party under this sub-party, unless such liability is not legally excluded. (c) Unless otherwise stated in a SOW, all the leading processes (and intellectual property rights) that flow from the work are the exclusive property of jazz, whether this process is invented in the foreground exclusively by jazz, exclusively by RFMD or jointly by the parties. Jazz has the exclusive and exclusive right (but not the obligation) to apply for patent protection for any lawsuit that is at its sole expense in all countries of the world, and it has full control over the prosecution and maintenance of such patents and the right to a patent that results from it is conferred exclusively on the name of Jazz. 2.8.3 Jazz has only all the leading processes and a new and better priority of processes from development projects under a SOW funded exclusively by the RFMD, but Jazz agrees that the RFMD has the exclusive right to manufacture ICs for them as part of a new or improved process; provided that RFMD has a firm order for at least […]] Wafer within the risk production of such a new or improved process. RFMD must acquire minimum annual quantities of […] on the basis of such a new or subsequently improved process in order to maintain the exclusive right, otherwise Jazz is free to provide any person, including RFMD, foundry services for the use of such a new or improved process. 2.8 Each SOW will look at possible exclusivity provisions for the development, manufacture and marketing of products resulting from the work carried out in each SOW. If exclusivity is not expressly dealt with in an SOW, subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, the following exclusivity provisions apply: 1.15 “person” means any person, a company, a partnership, a joint venture, a trust.

, business association, public body or other unit. 9.17 This agreement, and any SOW concluded in it, is the full and exclusive declaration of the agreement between the contracting parties and replaces all previous agreements and agreements, written or written, between or between the parties that respect the purpose of this agreement, including the agreement. 2.8.4 Jazz exclusively has all new or improved processes resulting from SOW development projects and jointly funded by Jazz and RFMD. However, if RFMD funds more or equally [ … ] but smaller than the project, RFMD has the […] Right of iCs in the Fab under such a new or improved process pattern during a period of risk production of such a new or improved process

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