Make A Dialogue Use Expression Of Capability And Agreement

An expression of ability is used to express our ability to do something. There are three points that are being discussed. They require capacity, expression of abilities and proof of disability. In the bold word above, this is an example of skill expression. The following examples of multiple expressions, to express the agreement: before going for example to the expression of conversations of competence, it is worth knowing first a few sentences that are often used to express conversations of competence: B: When I think about it, global warming allows us to see that our planet is dying. (When I think about it, global warming shows us that our planet is dying) Examples of this dialogue contain different themes, which allows us to examine the agreement of expression and differences of opinion in different contexts. I hope that after reading the following examples of dialogue, we will be able to send out the agreed and disapproved English fluently. Without waiting any longer, here is an example of dialogue: this is all I can share about issues and the ability to express myself. I hope it will be useful for us here are some examples of conversations where we talk about the agreement: [su_box title”conversation I” box_color “#118eb2”] Farida: Ho… I am so sad, every mathematical test, I always have low scores (Ho…

I`m so sad, every math test, I always get a low score) Ida: You don`t have to be sad, you have to make an improvement in your math (you shouldn`t be sad, you have to make improvements in your math) Farida: What should I do, my mom`s going to be angry if you`re angry? (I have a private tutor, do you agree if you go to a math class?) Farida: Yes, I do. But first I have to tell my parents. I`m really excited (yes. But first I have to tell my parents. I`m really excited) Ida: I`m waiting for your farida information: Ok, I`ll call you [/su_box] Lala: Exactly! I agree. Let`s do a group of two. The agreement of expression and disagreement end in English can be used either in daily life or in debate. This time we will examine examples of the use of the expression agreement and disagreements through some examples of dialogues or conversations in English on consent and refusal below. Diana: What about me helping Mom cook faster? I can make the ball for meatballs! Questions and expressions of capacity.

Talking is one aspect of language knowledge. To do this, I shared a number of topics related to the speech guide. And now I want to share questions and expression skills. Here`s the explanation below. In principle, there are no standard rules when it is sedation ability. However, to apply it more easily, it can be grouped according to the structure of the games used to express its abilities. 2. The teacher gives the students group projects. You have to make a group of two. You`re asking your friend to join you. She agrees. [su_box title”Conversation V” box_color”#118eb2] ] Professor: I look at too much space in the classroom wall.

Please don`t write anything on it. The classroom looks so dirty. (I see a lot of stains on the walls of classrooms. Please don`t write anything on it. This class looks very dirty) Rino: Some of us write a word or line on it. (Some of us sometimes write or write a line on it) Professor: Do you agree if we paint this classroom? (Do you agree when we paint this class?) Students: Agree! (Okay!) Master: What color? (What color is it for?) Rino: Orange (Orange) Key: Blue (Blue) John: White (White) Deborah: Rose (Rose) Professor: Enough, I choose blue and the other side is pink, do you agree? (Enough, I choose blue and the other side is pink, okay? Students: Agree! (Okay) [ / su_box] B: I don`t think so.

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