Mcast Collective Agreement 2018

A source close to MCAST spoke with concerned that there is a chance that these funds will not arrive in accordance with the agreement and receive them in 2020. The source explained that the MCAST teachers` collective agreement expired on December 31, 2018 and that the new contract was signed in July 2018. He said that lecturers received arrears for their 2017 salaries in September 2018 and that they were promised that the 2018 pay difference should be offset by their January 2019 salary. Our goal is not to create divisions, but to improve staffing conditions and ensure the well-being of students by concluding this collective agreement. This was confirmed by Marco Bonnici, President of the Union of Malta for Teachers (MUT), who said that at a meeting with MCAST management, the residues would be released this month, in accordance with the original agreement. He called on the MUT to return to the negotiating table and added that he had full hope and confidence in the leadership of the MUT and that an agreement would be reached. De Bono said the board was ready to meet with MUT at any time to reach an agreement. MCAST and the Union of Teachers of Malta are pleased to announce the signing of a collective agreement on the college`s grades, represented by the MUT, which provides for an increase in salaries, resources and standards. The Chair clarified that Option 2 was a fairer proposal and that “it is the best collective agreement ever presented to teachers since the inception of MCAST.” Teachers currently receive 27,176 euros; Option 2 proposes an increase to 30,809 euros by 2019, more than the salary of Junior College 2018 of 30,112 euros. MCAST educators will benefit from a pay rise and better working conditions after the signing of a new collective agreement by the College and the Union of Teachers of Malta. The renewed package provides for a “substantial increase” in salaries and an improvement in their working conditions, including recognition of the role of technicians, guidance counsellors, counsellors and learning assistants.

The agreement also provides that work-based learning becomes a central pedagogical tool to ensure that the content transmitted is relevant to the world of work. Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said at the signing of the agreement that staff should not be ignored in order for students to get the highest level of education. He also called for a “culture change” in the way people valued education at MCAST, and insisted that it was no less than the offering of other institutions. Other institutions should aspire to be like MCAST. The future of education lies in the development of the skills, values and skills needed in the world of work. With a good education, it`s not just about certificates,” Bartolo said.

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