Simple Pet Purchase Agreement

Be in your business. Sit down and talk about your expectations. Then write them together! It`s your contract. Do not pay a down payment until the two parties have reached an agreement. And here is a simpler presentation of a puppy contract that you can also modify to make it more specific to what you and the buyer have agreed to. It is classified in different situations that can affect the puppy. It is strongly recommended that the buyer have the puppy veterinarian checked within three days of collecting the puppy. If the veterinarian certifies that there is a problem that renders the puppy unfit for sale, provided that the puppy is returned in the same condition as at the time of sale, and within seven days, the breeder will take back the puppy and refund the full purchase price. The breeder will not pay the cost of returning a puppy and will not accept the right to distress caused by the return. The breeder will grant the buyer a third of the reduced purchase price of the non-refundable deposit after receiving a certificate of payment from a qualified veterinarian, provided that the dog has not been used for breeding beforehand. Note for show dogs: It is not uncommon for buyers not to pay a penny if they receive a dog from a breeder. Instead, a thin agreement is reached, where the breeder gets the first selection of the born throw of this dog.

Please note that the perfect puppy contract does not exist. They must reach an agreement that meets the needs of both parties. If there are circumstances in which it becomes necessary to bring the dog home, the breeder must first be informed and have the option to buy the dog either by purchase (in case of sale) or to take it home if it is to be saved. For some reason, the dog may be returned to the seller within 72 hours of purchase, unless the dog has been damaged. The buyer is then entitled to a refund of the price paid less the non-refundable down payment. What is a pet sales contract? A pet purchase agreement guarantees your furry friend`s pet plate, registration and health documents.

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